RANCH HOUSE BBQ knows a thing or two about real bbq! Competing on the national competition bbq circuit for 13 years now, Pitmaster & Founder Amy Anderson and her competition bbq team have taken home Grand Championship titles at the Washington, California, Arizona and Nevada State BBQ Championships. And let's not forget the Grand Championship at the Canadian International and the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP in Ireland in 2000!

Born and raised in Olympia, Anderson was looking for a new home for her established bbq catering company. It was during this time that the FoodNetwork chose to film her while competing
at the Jack Daniel's World Championship Invitational in Lynchburg, Tennessee under their team name of Mad Momma & the Kids. Shortly thereafter, she stumbled across the "Ranch" and immediately knew if would be the perfect bbq house. After several months remodeling, the doors were opened in April 2004.

Be sure and check back often to see where the Ranch House BBQ will be next!  Come watch them compete or plan ahead and make Ranch House BBQ your favorite stop when you're heading to the Ocean or out for a drive. Enjoy "South Sounds Best BBQ" every day of the week just minutes from downtown Olympia. 


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